Making the Art

Some of my dyeing and coloring techniques:

MarbledStitchedPaintedPole Wrapped


Putting small pieces of cloth together to make a larger piece is as old as cloth itself. My collage works are bricolage, making artful use of what is to hand, re-purposing remnants of larger goods into other goods. Patchwork quilts, Seminole clothing, Japanese boro, and work clothes from wherever cloth is scarce  and/or costly are all part of this tradition.

Japanese Man's Boro CoatSeminole Man's Pieced JacketPatched Levis DungareesGees Bend Patchwork Quilt


Using Homage to Hoagy as the example, this is how I make a silk mosaic or collage. Both this little 4.5″ by 6.5″ mosaic and the big 30″ x 20″ GO! in the Singletons Gallery were made the same way.


The selected silks ...

are cut info rough pieces and ironed onto a web of fusible adhesive

Those pieces are precision-cut to shape (strips in this case), arranged on a backing of silk, and heat-fused onto that to make Sheet #1.

Here is Sheet #1. It now gets cut up, reassembled, and fused onto a new silk backing to make Sheet #2.

Sheet #2 now gets cut up and reassembled on another silk backing to make Sheet # 3. And so the process of deconstructing and reconstructing will continue until I arrive at the results I want.

Homage Variation #17

Homage to Hoagy, Variation 17/17